I have just completed my Journalism BA Honours course this summer where I graduated with second class honours at the Usher Hall in Edinburgh on June 17th.  Now is where I will put m resources and knowledge to the test to see if I can scoop that elusive journalist job in an industry where there is virtually no work available.

I have always been a collector of albums, CDs and DVDs and a avid reader of the music press, especially bi-monthlys such as Mojo and Uncut magazine.

Since the early 90s I have been listening to and playing Irish traditional music, mainly playing the Irish frame drum, the bodhran at sessions in Scotland, Ireland, Scandanavia and Switzerland.  I also play a little on the four string tenor banjo too.

Mick Crehan - Whistle & Niall McQuaid - Bodhran

I have recorded on various CDs with Danish man, Anders Trabjerg who plays the Irish accordion, flute and fiddle on the 2001 album Boxed.  I also appear on another album with Anders and Tak Tamura, a Japanese man and a fine Irish fiddler on the 2005 album For the Same Reason.  More recently I have surfaced again with Anders and another Danish Man, Jonas Fromseier on the 2008 record The Great Danes.

Anders Trabjerg - boxed 2001

And this is a track from Boxed with myself and Anders.  05 Master Crowley’s-The Glenn of Aherlow-Jenny Pickling Cockles

For The Same Reason 2005

Fiddle and accordion duet, with myself on bodhran and on some tracks, Verina Cummins on piano and the great traditional guitarist Arty McGlynn.  02 reels – Kiloran’s, The Singing Kettle, Ambrose Maloney

Niall, Tak and Anders

Anders & Jonas

Well thats my musical output for the meantime, will probably get to Sandy Bells for a tune next week, otherwise it will not be till January when I get to Ireland for a few weeks.


5 Replies to “About”

  1. This is a long shot…no, a really long shot….

    In 1995 (see?), you, Jeremy Walsh of Canada and I (banjo player, long hair) stayed after a session singing songs in Galway. After they kicked us out so they could go home, we stood outside the front door still singing. It was cold, and finally you said you knew of an all-night coffee shop nearby. We went there, and ended up singing again, and someone asked them to turn down the music playing overhead so they could hear us better. It was an awesome night.

    I’m going to Galway again soon. I don’t suppose you remember the name and/or location of that coffee shop, so I can drag some friends there?

    1. Hi would this have been Neachtains pub in Cross Street, I think the coffee shop may have either been Javas or maybe it was O Shakespears, I remember a Donegal mate of mine was running that coffee shop around then, so probably that. Its changed hands since, so that vibe is gone from there more or less. Galway is still a great feckin place to come to though, its still sessions galore there anyways, you should get yourselves over.

  2. Hello, Niall!
    It’s been around 17 years since we lived at 1 Park Avenue in Salthill. Just this morning, sitting over breakfast, here in New York, with my husband and two daughters, I came across an old playing card, a joker, on the back of which is featured a few Irish pubs. The bodhran player jumped out at me, for while I couldn’t recognize the pub he sat outside of, the man is surely you. I’ll send you a picture of it if you want – just tell me how.
    All the very best wishes,
    PS I’m still in good contact with our old Londoner pal, Jack…

  3. Hi ! Nice blog ! I just wanted to email you about my own project but i didn’t find your adresse. I post here 🙂 Here’s my first EP called Gypse under the moniker Sparkling Dust. It’s available on Beatport, bandcamp, spotify, itunes…Everywhere actually. I compose with Korg Volca trio only (beat/bass/keys). There’s no other sounds but volca’s analog sounds (added effects with Ableton Live).
    I hope you will enjoy it ! Cheers


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