Mr Upfull – Upfullistic CD Review

Mr Upfull aka Salim Dastan brings us a nice nice opus of relaxed and lush reggae sounds to help influence the sunshine into our lives, with contributions from fellow Maduers, his sister Aminah, Glaswegian reggae/ragga songstress MC SoomT, some exquisite male vocalists and the kind of tight drums, bass, guitars and brilliant brass instruments that normally make up the excellent Dastan production.  Launched on February this year it will be a pleasure to catch the tour for this album.

1. Keep Hope Alive: Keep hope alive is a nice catchy roots instrumental with occasional unified vocals imploring us to keep hope alive, I presume Salim, Aminah, SoomT, Pia, Philomena and Tony or all in harmony singing these vocals, there is a nice use of brass in this luscious piece of dub with a nice persistent back beat to keep the tempo just right.

2. A Moment With You:  This features the lovely vocal of Tony Eusoff  that complements the music perfectly, its a lovely melodic job.  A moment with you has the feeling a mellow uptown feel with a very tasteful trombone solo from Zoltan Reich.

3. A Dub With You:  this is basically an instrumental of A Moment with you, a spacious dub version with the suitable reverb and soul vibes that you would expect from Salim, drum patterns that cover an expanse or area, big fat juicy beats and a beautiful melodic chorus of ‘don’t go home.’ and nice sax and trombone contributions from Bob Batty and Zoltan.

4.  Down Easy – Extended Sisterhood Mix:  A nice skanky bounce starts of this number with fine vocal contibutions from MC SoomT, Aminah and Pia Dunne too with Pilomena and Salim on backing vocals and some exquisite guitar from Salim too.  A lovely carefree dubby soulful number clocking in at a fine ten minutes.

5. Easy Dub – An instrumental dub version of Down Easy, a lovely psychedelic palette of sound effects and wind instruments keep this track bopping along with solid bass and drums backing.

6. Blunt Riddim : Autopilot – This is a nice funky laid back instrumental with a cool bassy groove and solid brass backing, it has that perfect skanky bounce for lover of the reggae.

7. Blunt Riddim: Trampling – Another instrumental version of the previous track with various sound effects, whistles and some exemplary guitar playing and picking from Mr Upfull.

8. Briste – This is probably the most innovative and forward thinking track of the CD, the intro gives the impression that it is going to explode into a Faithless track with the techno sounding synths, but it goes into a really cool dubby skank.  You can hear Mr Upfull’s love of psy trance come through on this track very subtly, the trade mark gallop is not there but the high end synths definitely give that notion of a psy trance feel, the Eastern sounds add to this and it also turns out that Mr Upfull plays a damn fine melodica too.

9. Madu Vs Isaac Chambers: Striking Gold: All One Remix: Madu Vs Isaac Chambers. – This is a remix of Salim’s group with his sister Aminah called Madu and their debut album From the Elders Yard by Isaac Chambers, this track has an irresistible bounce to it combining the beauty of soul and roots reggae.  This is the only track to feature the original Madu sax player Simon Wall.

10. Rootsrise – This is another slinky skanky instrumental with a good dubby bounce, Salim aka Mr Upfull shows that is a multi-talented instrumentalist, playing some mean guitar, the melodica and he is also the backbone behind the bass and drums and as always the excellent horns from Bob and Zoltan.

11. This is an instrumental that starts with the pounding of congas and the shaking of marakas giving this track a more African feeling than the others, it develops into a nice rocksteady rhythm and a lovely reggae bounce, there is a nice addition of keyboard to this that adds a tasty funk and even the autotune vocals are listenable.  I’m not a fan of autotune vocals in popular music but they are used tastefully on this track.

You can buy Upfullistic for only Five Euros through Salim’s website and you can stream the CD before you make the purchase, hopefully we will be seeing Salim aka Mr Upfull playing some of the festivals around Ireland such as Body & Soul and Electric Picnic this year.

Mr Upfull’s website

Madu’s website



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