CD Review: Positivo Vibrations by Various Concious Artists


Positivo Mozambique is an organisation that have come together to promote positivity towards people infected with HIV/AIDS through making music. Their aim is to spread awareness of HIV in Africa and to promote support towards victims of the disease through eradicating the social stigma and discrimination associated with the disease.

This is where Salim Dastan (Mr Upfull) comes in to help spread awareness of the campaign in Ireland and the making of this CD compilation featuring artists from Mozambique, Malaysia, Ireland, France, Poland and the UK. The theme of the CD is roots and dub reggae with a contemporary feel that helps spread Positivo Mozambique’s message. The funds and proceeds from the CD will go towards purchasing a vehicle so that Positivo Mozambique can travel to more remote locations to promote their message.  I bought this myself as it is towards a really good cause, you can listen to the CD streaming for free here but every ten Euro donated can help towards Positivo Mozambique spreading this caring vibe.  And now the review.

  1. MozPostivo vs Mr Upfull – Dub Friends: This track has a classic dub reggae roots that borders on psychedelia with the human mouth sounds, expansive percussion and sweet horns. The speed changes occasionally into a sort of chilled techno ska vibe with the universal lyric repeated throughout of the albums theme: “Real Friends give freedom and support, you care about them, they care about you.” A nice number the kick off the album.

  2. The Bionic Rats vs Mr Upfull – Dubstant Drums: A nice laid back down beat number of dubby reverberations that cruises along just nicely.

  3. Brigadier JC – Generative Dub: A rootsy dub reggae instrumental but a more electronic sound than a live dynamic one with a cool dub steppy bass.

  4. Dub From Atlantis – Heavy Weather (Breaks Mix) ft Bigga d and Wilks: This track has everything, violins, brass and good stomping dub reggae, but with a nice modern dance beat as a rhythm, it reminds me of the DJs who remixed the Blood and Fire classic dubs, turning classic old school dub into a contemporary dance sound without loosing the original vibe.

  5. Madu vs Mr Upfull – Kilaloo In Dub: A nice remix dub of the Madu track Kilaloo from the album From the Elders Yard. Salim produces all the music for Madu with his sister Aminah on vocals, Bob Batty on Sax and Flute, and Zoltan Reich on Trombone.

  6. The Dub Doctor – Lord of All Technologies (Afro Ambient Mix): The Galway based Dub Doctor cooks up a African tribal drumming storm that starts with a jazzy theme of brass till it kicks in full tilt with a 6/8 beat of African drumming. It reminds me of the African Headcharge experiments of the early 1980s on the ON U Soundsystem label.

  7. Dub Investigation – Ope: This is a nice roots dub reggae number with a lovely African vocal sung over it, giving it more of a classic world music vibe.

  8. Indica vs Mr Upfull – Room Dub On Fire: This is an expansive dubby number with soaring electronics, perfect brass and keyboards and lovely vocals of the beautiful and talented Clare O’Kennedy.

  9. Smokedacrackoff – Original Vibe: Smokedacrackoff who are from Krakow in Poland kick off with a technoish dub reggae sound but with a very rootsy feel, its a galloping beast of a track with great vocals and keeps your foot tapping along.

  10. Mute Speaker – The Bump: This is a cool downbeat number with many different styles through it, it starts off with a Massive Attack feel with a cool calculated bass, there are samples and industrial bits in the sound, making it more a minimal electronica rootsy dub.

  11. Mr Upfull – Music Says So: Salim closes the CD with this perfect downbeat chill track, this has heaps of the roots vibe to it and a bass that is deliciously fuzzed up, exquisite saxophone and echoey reverberations that form a funk throughout the track. A nice close to the Positivo Vibrations CD.


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