Last Days of Death Country

Last Days of Death Country are a Limerick based band who have been touring regularly over the summer in Ireland and have just released their second EP Emerge, launching the EP at Dolans Warehouse last night.
They describe themselves as a an alternative post-rock group, which is exactly what it says on the tin, the group take some of the best elements from the late 80s and early 90s that eventually emerged into grunge.

This band wastes no time with an explosive combination of gnarling guitars and solid drums.  Rob Kelly proving without doubt that he is the teeth behind the rhythm section with his drumming and the fine guitar work of David ODowd.  Patrick OBrien also adding to the sound with his guitar and vocal and the steady bass of Gary Lysaght.

Unfortunately I do not have any of the groups CDs, so I will base this review on their MySpace selection of seven tracks, some of which appear on their two EPs, Mode and Effect (released in spring this year) and Emerge (released on 5th November).

Knots – (Emerge)

OBriens vocals on this track comes across with a dash of Ian Smith and Morrissey combined, a good solid indie rocker track.  And although the band can trash with the best of them, they have the gentle stroke to ease into softer passages of subtlety.

Safety in Numbers – (Emerge)

This is another hard driving track but with subtler restrained rhythms, again OBrien sounds a bit like Morrissey and at times, John Butler from the John Butler Trio, but when this track rocks it can kick you in the teeth with an intensity similar in feel to Nirvana, Sonic Youth and the Wedding Present.

Strung Out – (Mode and Effect)

This track reminds me of the dark melodic melancholy of the group Mogwai, OBrien showing that he has a more sensitive style with softer and emotional vocals, but saying that this band excels in kicking up a storm when the moment requires, the exemplary guitar playing of ODowd being the driving factor here.

Words – (Mode and Effect)

This track is even softer than the last but still retains that Mogwaish melancholy, this is a nice gentle track that creates a nice balance with the previous numbers and although it is softer the rhythm still remains rock solid.

Go0dbye – (Mode and Effect)

This is probably the most commercial number and could be the bands first single, this also has a nice melancholic effect with sweetly picked heavy guitars and tasteful drumming.

Venom – (Mode andEffect)

Venom returns to their hard rocking style with OBrien coming across like a crisp Robert Smith, the uptempo of the track making it possibly another contender for a single

Venom (Acoustic) – Green & Live Session

This is probably the bands most mellow track and OBrien marks himself out as a very distinctive singer in this number very eloquently.  The band should do more unplugged numbers as this is as good as their heaviest numbers.  The use of the mandolin brings to mind REM tracks such as Losing My Religion and The Wrong Child.

The Last Days of Death Countrys sound at times evokes the sound of the Cure, Nirvana, The Wedding Present, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth and Mogwai. The double dueled guitar interplay, rhythms and the fine vocals of Patrick OBrien will ensure that enough indie fans, metallers and punks will enjoy their sound, so check them out.

Last Days of Death Country at Thomond Park ( Supporting Bob Dylan, Alabama 3 and David Gray among others)


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